Neville Brody Plans to Change Name of Royal College of Art Department He’s Soon to Take Over

Back in March, we told you that famed designer Neville Brody had accepted the role of head of the Royal College of Art‘s design and art departments. Though he doesn’t start the new job until the January 1st, the noted rabble-rouser is already stirring things up. Speaking at event this weekend, Brody announced that he plans to change the name of his soon-to-be arm of the educational operation in hopes of updating it to something more modern and, according to him, more applicable to the work that’s going on out in the real world. So his plans are to move from the “Department of Communication Art and Design” to the “Department of Visual Communication and Moving Image.” reports that the school itself is saying that it’s yet to decide if they’ll let Brody make the change or not. Here’s a bit:

…the move aims to shift emphasis away from traditional graphic design, to encompass digital media and other disciplines. He says, “It’s to do with transmedia. As well as this, organisations such as the BBC, the British Museum, Tate and others are all now digitising their archives, so there is so much information there.”

He adds, “In the same way that the Industrial Revolution wasn’t the steam revolution, [what we’re going through at the moment] isn’t a digital revolution but a knowledge revolution.”