Neville Brody and Crew Create Font for Upcoming Public Enemies

Finally, we finish off this writer’s day in Chicago and, fortunately, no longer talking about museums. Though we aren’t really, truly ending in Chicago, but more of Chicago-by-way-of-the-UK, with some interesting information about famed designer Neville Brody and Research Studio‘s typography work on the upcoming Chicago-based-gangster film Public Enemies. Brody and his crew came up with all of the type treatments used throughout the film and its marketing, creating a font named “New Deal” which the firm explains was commissioned straight from the film’s director, Michael Mann:

‘It was a fairly loose brief to evoke the era of the 1930s, with streamlined shapes of cars and trains, and the architecture of the period,’ says the spokesman.

We like Brody’s work here and we’re hoping it means good things for the film. After having sat in countless traffic jams last summer while they were shooting here in Chicago and then seeing the truly awe-inspiringly awful trailer, we think we’ve earned the right to be pleasantly surprised.