“Never Say Macbeth” To Haunt Valley Film Festival

From the mind behind Fartman comes Never Say Macbeth, a decidedly different film about the superstitions surrounding the Bard’s Scottish play, scheduled to screen at the Valley Film Festival on 4 p.m. on Sept. 16 at the El
Portal Theatre

“In Never Say Macbeth, a science teacher says the word “Macbeth” in a theater and unleashes mayhem upon a Los Angeles acting troupe. This film is a cross between Waiting for Guffman and Beetlejuice,” says producer Tammy Caplan.

Caplan gives FBLA a little taste of Banquo’s feast.

Q. What inspired you do write a movie based on the curse?

A. Joe Tyler Gold, my co-producer, came up with the idea when he was acting in a production of The Scarecrow at Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice. In a backstage conversation, the topics of the Macbeth curse and ghosts in the theater came up. All of the actors in the play, including Orson Bean and Alley Mills, believed in the curse and in ghosts. Many of the actors swore they had seen a ghost in that very theater. Joe was the only one who didn’t believe in the curse or ghosts. This inspired him to write a film about a science teacher who says the word “Macbeth” and unleashes mayhem upon a Los Angeles theater troupe.

Q. Were you a theater geek growing up?

A. Totally. I did tons of plays as a kid. Joe started out as a magic geek and then became a theater geek.

Q. Do you think Charlton Heston’s burnt groin has anything to do with his affinity for guns?

A. Rumor has it he was playing Macbeth, and he had a small handgun hidden under his belt. The actress playing Lady Macbeth said “Is that a dagger I see before me.” He adjusted himself. The gun went off, and he suddenly became Jewish.