‘Never Hire Job Hoppers’ And More Advice Designed To Make You Mad

Mark Suster is kicking up a storm over at Business Insider.

He published a post earlier today saying that he never hires job-hoppers, defending to a Tweet he sent out that said the same thing (after he started “getting flack” on Twitter (meh)). The post on Business Insider has gotten 249 comments, and we’re linking to it cuz that’s what bloggers do but you really don’t need to send more traffic over there.

Granted, there are some tips in the post about how to make your resume make you seem like less of a job hopper (leave short stints off, combine companies when appropriate–say, in the event of a merger) but Mark, how do you really know, as a hiring manager, who is a job hopper? “You know it when you see it,” he writes.

No wonder the post ended up being so contentious.