Never Get Locked Out of Your House With KeyMe App

Locking yourself out of your home or your car will no longer require a call to a locksmith, thanks to a new iPhone app called KeyMe. KeyMe lets you store digital copies of your keys in the cloud that you can access in the event that you are locked out.

So how does it work? First you have to download the app and use it to take photos of your keys, creating a digital version of your physical keychain. Then if you get locked out, you can take your phone to a KeyMe kiosk or bring the digital files to a hardware store that will make keys based on these digital files (better find out who does this in your area before you run the risk of getting locked out).

You can also mail order copies of your keys. This feature would come in handy if you have guests coming to stay in your home and you won’t be there to let them in. You can also share the digital files with friends and they can go and get copies made on their own. (Via TechCrunch).