Neuroscientists Create App to Improve Eyesight With Simple Eye Exercise

ultimeyeResearchers at the University of California have been working on an app to improve eyesight, and it looks very promising. It’s based on the same brain plasticity treatment given to patients who have suffered traumatic head injuries – exercises to help the brain to activate lost motor skills. The app, UltimEyes applies the same brain exercise therapy, but to the visual cortex, enabling users to significantly improve their eyesight.

The app is a simple 30 minute exercise that users can repeat to reduce blurring, improve visual acuity, and improve contrast sensitivity.  It’s made to adapt to each performance so each session is optimized for improvement.

ULTIMEYES® is designed from the ground up to incorporate theory driven, and empirically supported, approaches to vision training into an entertaining video game, by incorporating already proven components along with:

  • alerting and orienting cues (sounds spatially located with visual targets)
  • training of executive attention (distractors progressively become more similar to tasks targets)
  • tasks designed to help with sustained attention (exercises become progressively longer with time)

These approaches, such as multi-sensory stimuli, motivating tasks, and consistent reinforcement to the training stimuli as found in a well-designed video game, are our way of creating a positive outcome for the user.


The app’s performance was tested on the university’s baseball team, which yielded major improvements in vision, resulting in better batting performance during games. You can see the results in the video below.

The latest update on February 24, 2014 fixed some issues, but some users may still experience problems.