NetworkedBlogs: A Great Way to Share Your Blog Inside Facebook

In a special series on ways to use new tools to share and distribute content on Facebook, Inside Facebook recently wrote about how to import your blog into Facebook.

For all of you that have already taken this step, it has likely been a great step in sharing and marketing your blog, especially among your extended network within the Facebook community.

If the “Import Your Blog” utility on Facebook has been helpful but not quite robust enough, a new Facebook app called NetworkedBlogs might be the solution for you. Describing itself as a “community of bloggers and blog lovers,” NetworkedBlogs offers Facebook users a more fully-featured way to follow and share blogs, all from within Facebook.

Of course, NetworkedBlogs takes advantage of the power of the social graph — when your friends add the NetworkedBlogs application, you not only get to see what they’re writing and reading, but you get to share with them in kind. Some useful features of the app include:

  • The ability to choose from a list of popular blogs or add your own (the basic feature that Facebook’s blog importer also offers).
  • Real-time news feed and news wall features that display the most recent posts from the blogs that you’re following.
  • The ability to view the highest voted posts across all blogs, including the upvoting offered by popular news aggregators like Digg and Reddit.
  • A “profile” separate from your Facebook profile, that allows you to add a personal touch when marketing your blogs to the growing numbers of NetworkedBlogs users.

By offering this valuable utility to bloggers, NetworkedBlogs is gaining traction within Facebook.  It now has almost 500,000 monthly active users.

Whether you’re interested in more successfully marketing your blog online, getting a stronger hold of all your social media needs, or building profitable and popular Facebook applications, NetworkedBlogs is a tool that will offer you some insights — let us know what you think!