NetworkClean Joins Facebook Reputation-Management Crowd

The Facebook reputation-management field just got a little more crowded with the launch of the beta version of NetworkClean, a free tool that offers multiple options.

NetworkClean will look to carve its niche in a field that already includes Reppler and, among others.

After connecting with their Facebook accounts, users can:

  • Scan their Facebook pages for thousands of words and phrases that are commonly considered inappropriate, going back to their first day on Facebook.
  • Delete or ignore comments.
  • Set up universal commands to control how those words and phrases are handled moving forward.
  • Add their own terms to the search list.
  • Protect their profiles even when they are not logged in to Facebook or NetworkClean.
  • Run NetworkClean in Spanish, with other languages to be added.

NetworkClean also includes a feature that it calls “Reputation Visualization,” which provides users with an overview of their presence on Facebook. And its “My Info” feature offers information such as which Facebook friends mention them the most.

Features that will soon be added to NetworkClean include:

  • Support for more languages and other social networks.
  • Coverage of pages, likes, celebrity pages, applications, games, and “literally everything on Facebook.”
  • A specialized tool for businesses and other organizations to monitor their social media buzz and respond to negative comments.

Co-Founder Doug Haustein said:

NetworkClean solves a critical need for social media members by placing the control back into the users’ hands, enabling them to monitor and protect their own social image around the clock.

Readers: Are you concerned enough about your reputation on Facebook and other social networks to use a service like NetworkClean, Reppler, or