Netvibes vs. Pageflakes – statistics

Today I will start a new chapter on my blog – Netvibes vs. Pageflakes. I will try to write about these two online RSS readers which I think is very similar to each other but I want to decide which one is better. Every post will be about some features who are in both startpages to be able to compare them.

My first post will be about popularity of these two RSS aggregators. I will use Alexa traffic rankings to show the stats of Netvibes and Pageflakes.

I used one year graph to find out who have better ranking on Alexa. How you can see – today is much more popular then and this jump Netvibes made in April this year. Because I’m using Netvibes (and testing Pageflakes) I know that in April they had very important upgrades that maybe is the reason of that jump. And I almost forgot (thank you Ole) – in the middle of April Netvibes become as one of standard choises in A couple of weeks later Pageflakes was added to Feedburner too. Maybee Later we’ll see pageflakes jump also..
In middle of December when Pageflakes showed up we can see a spike – is that because they are Netvibes clone? Maybe! For me it isn’t a problem to use project which are made on base of other startup – for me most important thing is if the project can give me better and most advanced features than 1st one.

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