Netvibes vs. Pageflakes – modules, Part 1

In My previous two posts of Netvibes vs. Pageflakes category – design and basic functions and statistics I was writing what these startpages offer in basics, but this post will be about modules of Pageflakes and Netvibes which allows you to add wide number of features and services.

In this post I will describe three modules of Netvibes and Pageflakes who is similar, but small differences still exist and they can affect users to use tem or not. These three modules will be the Pageflakes and Netvibes developed modules, but both of them have possibility to develop different modules for Netvibes and Pageflakes.

  • web/online storage

What they offer is very similar – you can see and manage your account. I have my free account there and it gives me 1GB storage space for my files and Netvibes and Pageflakes module for allow me to manage these files directly from my startpage.

Using modules of Netvibes and Pageflakes I found some differences – some are small but some are important from my point of view.


1. Pageflakes module show used storage space for each file;
2. Using Pageflakes you can see date when the file was added to;


1. Netvibes have used storage space bar;
2. File type icons;
3. Search bar;
4. Image preview;

  • Bookmarks module

Bookmark service – save links to web pages, both modules have feature to add tags which helps to manage bookmarks. You can also import your existing bookmarks.

– possibility to add comment for each bookmark, but I noticed one bug – the comment window have problems with placement, actually the same problem previously was with Netvibes module, there also the hint window have exactly the same bug;
– I can choose several options: how many bookmarks per page I want to see; showing tags; how to open the bookmark link;

Netvibes in this module doesn’t have any feature which don’t have Pageflakes – only basic functions and settings.

– Mark photos – this feature give you possibility to give a star to photo it allow you to see your starred/favorite photos;
-Select photos which you want to see – interesting, most recent, use tags, current user or use feed;
– Very great feature – send photo to friend directly from Pageflakes – write e-mail address, comment and that’s it!

– How to open photo – Flickr site or full resolution.

Conclusion: Testing these three modules in two of them better was Pageflakes, because they have more features than Netvibes, but there is also many things that Pageflakes doesn’t have and I think work on the modules and add-ons never end – good luck!

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