Netvibes vs. Pageflakes – design and basic functions

This post is about design and basic functions of Netvibes and Pageflakes.

I started this category “Netvibes vs. Pageflakes” because these projects are very similar from the angle of functionality and design of Netvibes and Pageflakes is very close too. There are two groups of functions – RSS feed reader and different modules that give wide range of functions that people can use and receive different kind of information and other services.

I will start to comment these projects with the top part of Pageflakes and Netvibes.

The top part of both projects is very similar – on the left corner is button “Add content” where you can add RSS and ATOM feeds and different modules. Speaking about modules, Pageflakes have very wide range of different modules, in this moment 68, but Netvibes have only 16. In one of next posts I will write about the modules and then I will describe them more widely. On the right there is few buttons like “settings”, “sign out” etc. In the rest space there is possibility to add tabs and in this way you can manage your content. Netvibes have one small but nice option to add icon to the tabs and that helps to personalize them better not to only give a name of the tab.

In the rest part of screen is content and module boxes. Boxes are arranged in columns the number of columns in Pageflakes is three but Netvibes offers to change the number of Columns from two to four (default is three), but I think the best number of columns for readability and usage is three.

Each content box has more features that are similar to both start pages, you can collapse them, drag them etc. You can also personalize each box – change name of box (Netvibes and Pageflakes), give the number of items displayed in the box (Netvibes and Pageflakes), change color of the box (Netvibes), and Netvibes also load favicon of each feed so of position of personalization Netvibes is better and have more features in this moment.

One of biggest minus of Pageflakes is feed reader who has much less reading area than Netvibes. Reading area of Netvibes takes almost all space of screen, but Pageflakes have made this screen smaller and I can’t find answer – why? Netvibes show also number of unread feeds and this is very important and it gives possibility to quickly see new information and you don’t need to search what you have read and what you don’t. In the end I will give marks to both projects, these marks will describe how I see who have better possibilities in each of elements – this time design and basic functions.

Pageflakes: 3
Netvibes: 5