Netscape and Digg battle – second wave

First Netscape announced that they are hiring top Digg users to work for Netscape. Now Netscape and Digg battle is getting more interesting and one Digg fan has launched a project called “Save Digg!”.


Save Digg tracks three ex-digg users and offer to submit stories, what they have published at Netscape, to Digg. These users are Wayjer, Bloodjunkie and dirtyfratboy. The site is updated every 15 minutes and you can see the stories what have been published by these users at Netscape.

And one more thing from Valleywag, where I found the link to Save Digg:

In other words, Diggers are stealing from Netscape what Netscape stole from Digg. And there may be nothing Netscape can do about it.


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