You Can Now Pay $9,000 to Join a Facebook Knockoff

The latest entry into the social media space is Netropolitan, a platform for "affluent and accomplished individuals" only.

This week brings about the launch of another new social network – “the world’s most exclusive online community.” New users can join Netropolitan for a mere $9,000 and pay a paltry $3,000 a year to continue their memberships. Billed as “the online country club for people with more money than time,” the platform was created for “affluent and accomplished individuals” only.

“I believe there is a need and an audience for this service,” founder James Touchi-Peters told CNN.

What can users do on this exclusive site? Pretty much everything you can do on Facebook:


A spokesperson for Netropolitan told the Los Angeles Times that Touchi-Peters felt judged on other social platforms, was perceived as bragging, and met with ill will. “Netropolitan is designed to be the place to talk about your last European vacation or new car without the backlash,” she said.

CEOs do make over 330 times more than their employees, so it makes sense that they would like their own online space to talk about what they did with that extra money with only the judgment of similarly worthy individuals. In the case that another fellow Netropolitan member acts “like a jerk,” users can block them.

Another fun fact about the platform is that all public posts must be written in English. Sorry rich people from other countries, you’re not allowed to talk about your vacations or new cars unless you do it in a private group or message. This is an American company!

Have we sold you on the latest social network? If so, you can sign up at