Netlog Booted From Facebook For Policy Violation

Netlog, the European social network, has been banned for violating Facebook's terms.

Facebook has banned from its site the European social network Netlog, citing a violation of terms.

Facebook has stringent policies in place with regards to third parties using their platform, yet Netlog’s umbrella company Massive Media is perplexed as to why Facebook has taken such drastic steps, according to TechCrunch

Netlog, which has been around for nearly ten years and boasts a user base of 80 million people in the Middle East and in Europe is virtually unknown on these shores, claims that Facebook hasn’t provided an explanation for the ban.

Last Tuesday, approximately 1.5 million people who used the Facebook Connect platform in order to sign onto their Netlog accounts were unable to do so because of the prohibition.

At first, Netlog was blamed for violating a new Facebook platform policy that was added approximately two weeks ago which which forbids the website from being linked to other competitive social networks.

According to a statement meade by a Facebook spokesperson, “Netlog took extensive steps to access internal Facebook APIs and deliberately compromised intended limitations of our platform. We took appropriate and necessary steps to protect people on Facebook.”

Meanwhile, the folks at Netlog’s parent company Massive Media insist they are still not aware of any intentional wrongdoing or unlawful activity and will investigate the accusations further.

Since Facebook initially stated that Netlog got banned for linking to a competing social platform, Massive Media actually contemplated filing an “anti-competitive actions” complaint against Facebook with the European Commision.

We’re curious to see how that will turn out. So, readers, do you think Facebook is bullying Netlog?

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