NetFlix Offers Different Stream Quality Options For Users With Bandwidth Limits

Netflix has now come up with a solution for its users that face bandwidth data caps from the Internet providers. Netflix users having such caps can now choose between three different video stream qualities that consume 0.3 GB per hour, 0.7 GB per hour, and the best possible option that consumes upto 2.3 GB of bandwidth per hour for HD videos.

Netflix has been upfront about the options and has stated that the options are not a limitation on Netflix’s part but a way to offer a solution to some of its users that unfortunately are capped by their Internet providers. According to Netflix:

We know that some of you have Internet data caps and we want to make it easier for you to manage how much data you use.

AT&T is among the list of internet providers that implemented a 150 GB cap for DSL subscribers and a 250 GB cap for U-Verse subscribers.

The new settings can be accessed by visiting the Account page and clicking on the “Manage Video Quality” link.

The new feature has been released by Netflix with much fanfare. Pundits are claiming that this is because Netflix gets and keeps users by offering the best quality service possible. By Limiting bandwidth, Netflix’s service also gets limited. So Netflix does not want to promote a feature that offers a less than optimal service to Netflix subscribers.