Say Hello to Netflix’s Narcos Tagline

Ten episodes and one dangling double entendre.

Innuendo is the new black. Or maybe a better way to put it is that Netflix, for its forthcoming ten-part series Narcos debuting Aug. 28, has chosen to play the X-rated House Card.

In the trailer, in the promo copy, the Irving Berlinderived tagline reads: “There’s no business like blow business.” Netflix might have overdone it however with a second double entendre reference in the opening paragraph of today’s press release:

The announcement was made this morning with a teaser video, blowing away the reveal of the show’s late summer launch date.

Overall, it’s a PR approach that underlines just how millennial taglines have become since a certain 2001 Johnny Depp film. Brazilian actor Wagner Moura toplines Narcos as Pablo Escobar, with the look at the Medellin cartel heyday sounding on paper a lot like a newfangled version of Scarface.