Netflix ‘Just for Kids’ Feature Now Available on the iPad

Netflix offers access to tens of thousands of videos, making it a great value for the cost.

But as nice as the service is, it’s always had an issue with anyone being able to find any of the content in a search, including adult content, from any of the apps.

That’s not exactly endearing to most parents, which is why I’m pleased to show you the new Netflix app.

The Netflix iPad app was just updated this morning with the new “Just for Kids” section. It’s filled with movies and TV shows appropriate for children 12 and under, and it’s organized in a kid-friendly way. You can find the new section via the new “Just for Kids” button in the upper left hand side of the main menu.

The new section is only visible on iPad 2 and newer, but Netflix plans to offer it on older iPads and Android tablets in the near future. Here’s a taste of how it works: