Netflix "Add to DVD Queue" Button Still Available on iPhone, iPad & Windows Phone 7 Apps

This little (one long paragraph) announcement on The Netflix Blog caused quite a stir this week.

Removing “Add to DVD Queue” from Streaming Devices

Netflix doesn’t say which streaming devices will loose the button and ability to have a DVD disc shipped customers. The Netflix app on my iPhone, iPad, and HTC HD7 (Windows Phone) all still provide some form of the “Add to DVD Queue” button (the screenshot here is from my iPad). So, are smartphones and tablets considered streaming devices? It may be that the next Netflix app updates will remove the DVD queue option. But, for now, you still have the choice of streaming a video, adding it to a DVD queue, or both.

It isn’t hard to understand why Netflix wants to discourage its customers from having a DVD sent based on this news item.

Netflix spends 20 times more on postage than bandwidth (digital society)

However, when broadband providers start adding or lowering monthly data caps, streaming may become less attractive.