Net Jacobsson Departs Facebook

According to Gawker, Net Jacobsson, who was the Director of Business Development at Facebook, has now left the company. This comes only days after he helped to announce an ad credits program for the company (which also strangely received little buzz). Honestly, we’re not quite sure what the driving force behind Net’s departure was but Gawker suggests it was his boss.

Whatever the reason for the departure, it’s clear that some sort of tension arose because Net had been posting regular articles related to Facebook on his blog. This is somewhat of a big deal because it was their director of Business Development who is focused on generating revenue for the company (although the company does have a separate Director of Monetization).

Net has confirmed his departure through Twitter via a status update which states “When one door is closed, another is open…” and through his bio which now reads “Frmr. Facebook Executive”. Facebook had a number of key executives depart the company last year and this appears to be a continuing trend. I won’t report the hearsay that Gawker has written, and will instead leave you to read it.

This is most definitely an interesting revelation though.

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