Nerve Media Becomes Material Media, Throws A Party


Last night we swung by’s big debut party for their new corporate name — Material Media. The name change? It’s part of their strategy for diversifying… apart from recently launched baby site (which, incidentally, is making killer profits), Nerve/Material/etc. are launching a new green living site in December. In an e-mail from Nerve honco Rufus Griscom, we got the pr-ese teaser:

“Material Media’s third brand, launching in early December, will be the first green lifestyle magazine with a sense of humor, created for people with good intentions and imperfect habits. We are pretty excited about it – it will offer a new twist on the category.”

But as for the party. It was good. It took place in Material Media’s offices, which made us pretty damn jealous. Bastards have a killer view of the New York skyline, some nice sofas and an in-house pool table. They have an extensive in-house library, which a librarian friend who accompanied us was dismayed to discover wasn’t super-organized. The open bar ran out of mixers pretty early, but there was lots of absinthe, vodka and (surprisingly good) wine. We’re also lowbrow so we helped ourselves to a can of Budweiser that was lying around. The DJ favored Britpop-esque stuff. We never encountered a DJ in an office before, but hey… what the hell, right? People were smooching and catching smoke breaks in the stairway. Editorial assistants were in corners telling bawdy jokes. Quality time.

As for the guests, they included Scott Heiferman of, College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen, hipster photog-around-town Nikola Tamindzic, Flavorpill founders Sascha Lewis and Mark Mangan, Gawker Media’s Nick Denton, Onion president Sean Mills and, yup, our own Laurel Touby. All the New York weberati superstars in one room? Totally.

More info on Material’s new site shortly.