Revolutionizes The Pickup Line


We’ve all been there at some point: You walk into a bar and see a girl. You begin to approach her, but suddenly your mind goes blank. You have nothing to say. You turn around, ashamed, and slink back to your amused friends.

Thanks to the kind folks at, lacking a pickup line is a thing of the past. The recently-launched Pickupedia — Nerve’s third alongside the flagship and — bills itself as the pickup wiki. “We’ve received complaints about the lack of clever pickup lines employed in today’s dating scene. In the interest of public service and good sex, we are proud to offer this revolutionary, uncensored site,” says editor-in-chief Michael Martin.

The lines range from funny and crude (“Is heaven missing an angel? ‘Cause you’ve got nice cans”) to, well, slightly witty and crude (“I’m going outside to make out: care to join me?”). But with 28 different categories, including “Arousal,” “Pants and their Contents” and, of course, “Successful Pickup Lines,” chances are you’ll find one to get you “in” with that girl at the bar.

The rest is up to you. How do you like them apples?