Editor Leaves for The Daily Beast

Last Monday, we brought you the news that needed a new editor. Now we know why: Will Doig, its current editor-in-chief, will leave (actually, has already left as his last day was today) to join Tina Brown’s new venture, The Daily Beast.

Doig will start at TB’s Beast on October 15th. We wish him the best of luck. His goodbye/hello email is after the jump.

Hi Friends,

So the sad news is, I only get to be the editor of for six more minutes. Feeling a little wistful here. I loved a lot about this job (yes, the nudity, but not JUST the nudity) and I will miss it quite a bit.

The happy news is, as of October 15 I’ll be working at a new online magazine that just launched yesterday. It’s called The Daily Beast and it’s worth checking out:

You can always reach me at the email address below, and please do. I hope to stay in touch with all of you. And for those whom I met through this job, it was nice to meet you!