Nelson, BC: Where LA Times Print Edition Still Impresses

Although the hard copy edition of the Sunday LA Times is much lighter than it used to be, mention in the travel section can still mean a lot to those living in the profiled destinations.

Don’t take our word for it. Today, following a nice October 16 spread about the picturesque inland community of Nelson, British Columbia, a journalist for the Nelson Star is all over it. Here in LA, 900,000 Sunday readers is cause for gloomy, print-media-is-dead Op Eds; but in (more sparsely populated) Canada, it’s a reason to celebrate:

The 1,500-word piece was scribed by long-time Times staff travel writer Christopher Reynolds.

“I’ve been wanting to do it since 1986 [the year of the Vancouver Expo], when a friend and I did a long road trip that took us all over BC and Alberta,” Reynolds told the Star via email. “We heard great things about Nelson, but ran out of time to get there. Through many years as a travel writer for the LA Times, I kept Nelson in my back pocket, waiting for a chance to get there.

Wait a minute… It took Reynolds 25 years to finally get around to this BC topic?! Now we’re impressed, especially since he reveals that he finally made it happen this summer under the auspices of a half-work, half-vacation journey. Good thinking, Mr. Reynolds.

[Photo credit: Graham Edwards / LA Times]