World Rejoices as Neil Patrick Harris Agrees to Host Oscars

Get ready for a truckload of celebrities-tweeted-this news stories. Because Neil Patrick Harris was just announced as host of next year’s Oscars.


As The Hollywood Reporter reminds, this man’s golden statuette pedigree is unimpeachable:

He’s hosted the Emmy Awards twice and the Tony Awards four times, winning four Emmys for his Tony shows.

Wait, what? Anyhow, also according to THR, Harris was approached for the big February 22 gig only after Ellen passed on a repeat and Julia Louis-Dreyfus said no. Maybe Seth Meyers knew something a couple of weeks ago when he deemed Harris “the best host of everything.”

P.S. We couldn’t help noticing that neither “Host the Emmys” or “Host the Tonys” are checked off on NPH’s featured bucket list in the clip below. Only “Win a Tony.” It would have been funny to have all three host-this-show wishes lined up together at the bottom of the list.

[Photo of Harris at 2010 Creative Arts Emmys: Helga Esteb/]