Three ‘Cloakroom’s: Is it Thievery?

After news broke last week that Taegan Goddard of CQ Roll Call would be starting a new “Cloakroom” politics blog at The Week, the name ruffled some feathers.

“Some guy at CQ Roll Call took the name of my ‘The Cloakroom’ column? Bullshit, right?” wrote Human Events‘ Neil W. McCabe.

Anyone who knows McCabe knows that he’s a goofy fellow with a taste for theatrics, as far as the news media world is concerned. But indeed, McCabe has been writing a column he titled “The Cloakroom” that appears in the print and online edition of Human Events. He started the column in November 2012 and not unlike Goddard’s blog, it deals with political news figures.

“Hey, I understand there are lapses in research, but come on,” McCabe said. “Why can’t he call it ‘The Coatroom’ or ‘The Room Name Not Taken Yet.’”

Unfortunately for McCabe, he is not the first to have a politics-oriented “Cloakroom” column or blog… TheCloakroomBlog is a Family Research Council blog that started as far back as August 2008. It too focuses on politics.

When informed about TheCloakroomBlog, McCabe said he “hope[d] we could dismiss this matter and keep it amongst ourselves.” We assume he was joking.

Goddard has not returned our request for comment. In the meantime, we’ll look into the legalities of the matter.