FIRST LOOK: Poster for Journalist Neil Drumming’s SLAMdance Feature Big Words

It makes a lot of sense for the feature-length debut of a veteran journalist to be titled Big Words. World premiering Friday night at the 2013 SLAMdance Film Festival, the drama is the work of Neil Drumming, formerly a staff writer at Entertainment Weekly (2002-2007) and currently a freelancer for such publications as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Vibe. The movie tells the story of three former hip-hop group pals struggling with their feelings on the night of President Obama’s election in 2008.

Drumming blogged about the making of his film for The Atlantic. Here’s how he described the final day of shooting:

I can’t speak for every director, but without my crew around me, I feel alone in a profoundly disturbing way – like sitting in the middle of a vacuum waiting for someone to clap the slate. Maybe this is something you get over. But then again, maybe it isn’t. There appear to be many addictive things about being a filmmaker, and maybe this is one of them: You get hooked on the voices. You spend your career desperately chasing collaboration, art by committee. Fortunately for me, I still have weeks of post-production to get the film ready for festival submission. So I have plenty of time to get chummy with my editor.

Big Words encores at SLAMdance January 23, with Drumming already having received a nice Q&A shout out from the Salt Lake City Tribune. We wish Drumming all the best with this exciting roll out; to follow the SLAMdance action, check out @bigwordsmovie.

Update – 01/22/13: Drumming has shared a brief video about the big SLAMdance world premiere. Watch it here.

[Poster courtesy Jeremy Walker + Associates Inc.]