Neighborhoods Are Really Different, And Sometimes That Difference Is Funny

Part of the thrill of having spent significant parts of our NYC life without a home is that we’ve technically lived in a zillion neighborhoods. What started as a month on the UWS turned, two years later, into a couple weeks on a LES floor, three days in Park Slope, six months in Murray Hill, a year on the UES, seven months in the EV, two weeks in Soho, and a month and counting back in the EV. Fascinating, we’re sure. So we, naturally, found This Is What We Do Now (via Curbed)’s gentrification-happy Photoshop project to be right up our proverbial housing alley. Thought bubbles include “I’m so over bars without signage,” something we wholeheartedly agree with unless we’re trying to impress our peeps by dropping Milk & Honey numbers like they’re going out of style. Going, going, went? God, we’re so embarrassing. Everyone knows it’s all about La Esquina.