Negative, Designer, The Pattern Is Full


Helen Walters goes to the airport to check out what’s been happening there design-wise in light of some terrorist attacks and oil prices, which have apparently been going up. Ron Steinert from Gensler reminds us that when it comes to a pretty airport, it’s what’s on the inside that counts:

A grand architectural statement may not, in the case of airports, be what is called for. “It has to work functionally first, with the outside a reflection of what is going on in the inside,” concludes Steinert. “Who really sees the outside of the building? The pilots? Better to have a nice ceiling inside so that millions of people can experience it.”

So…you can’t truly see an airport unless you’re a pilot? Okay, that would explain why they’re the ones doing the flying. But doesn’t the “nice ceiling” logic really hold true for any building taller than our own head?