Need Someplace to Stay at IDSA? Airbed & Breakfast Has You Covered


Let’s face it: Designers are poor. And rather incongruously, designers are very picky. These two factors that don’t mesh together well when shelling out thousands of dollars for a hotel room in an expensive city during a design conference. Luckily, designers also happen to be extremely generous. So leave it to two poor, picky, generous designers to design a solution to prevent the usual “six-to-a-room but hey, at least we’re at the W” lodging arrangements.

Airbed & Breakfast pairs designers in need of a place to stay during the IDSA Connecting conference next week with San Fran residents who have a few extra square feet in their pads. Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky came up with the idea after deciding to rent out part of their SOMA loft. Landlords can name a price for whatever it is they have to offer, including wifi, breakfast or even a welcome package (above). Looks like they’re in need of more generous designers at the moment, so, please, if you’ve got the room in your apartment (and in your heart), help give a poor, picky designer a home.

Thanks to Tim Belonax.