‘Need’ Sadly Fails To Screw The Man

NEED_Issue6_Cover.jpgOne last magazine closure of 2009 may be looming right around the corner, as Minneapolis-based NEED runs out of cash.

“We have not been able to raise the money needed to continue through subscriptions, advertising sponsors and/or investors,” founder and executive director Kelly Kinnunen wrote in an e-mail to FOLIO:. “We have not been able to pay anyone for the last three weeks.”

The mag launched an ambitious donation campaign called “Screw The Man, Save The World” in July in which it hoped to attract 25,000 subscribers and eliminate advertising from the magazine for a year. While the campaign got some good results initially, including a 900% doubling of subscription revenue, the campaign garnered only “a fraction” of the 25k the company wanted.

Now unless the founders get a cash infusion, the magazine will close in January.

Need employs, including Kinnunen and his wife, four other staffers.