Need More Proof to Network? Zappos Received 31,000 Applicants & Hired 1.5 Percent

resume mistakesWe read this post on ERE and had an a-ha moment to share with you. Having been on the other side of the desk working directly with candidates, we know the feeling of seeing hundreds upon hundreds of resumes stacked up in the applicant tracking system.

But here’s proof that we just have to share. Mike Bailen, head of talent and senior HR manager at the Zappos Family of Companies indicated Zappos received more than 31,000 applicants last year.

Granted, they’re not a media company but we’re just pointing out the statistics as a generic example. Their recruiters had to click on resumes and scan through each and every one of them and also send a rejection template.

That’s a lot of rejections considering they hired only 1.5 percent of the applicants! He explains in the piece:

“Our recruiting team and hiring teams were constantly on their heels trying to keep up with the volume. Applicants would apply for multiple roles, weren’t qualified, or weren’t a culture/team fit. We’ve been committed to getting back to every single applicant (which surprisingly is a differentiator in this recruiting world we live in).”

So, when you submit your resume online through the company site, that’s where it lands — among thousands of other resumes. Hence, the importance to network and get your foot in the door to stand out. (As he mentions even though his team scans each CV, they’re not always the best fit and it’s not uncommon for applicants to apply to roles.)

Oh yeah, Bailen also indicates they’ve decided to eliminate job postings! He mentions in the piece,  “Job postings are so one-sided. We ask the candidate to sum up their existence on a sheet of paper and quickly rush to judgment without giving much in return.” As they decide to “innovate rather than iterate,” it will be interesting to see how many other companies will follow suit.

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