Need a Thin Mints Fix? Download the Girl Scout Cookie App!

Cookie Monsters, rejoice! If your life is plagued by sudden, ravenous, unrelenting cravings for Samoa or Thin Mints cookies, take heart–there’s now officially an app for that!

The new Girl Scout cookie app, unveiled last week, is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones. Not only does it introduce users to all 16 types of cookies, but this sweet little app helps tagalong junkies find the nearest cookie booth at which they can slake their chocolate/peanut butter lust. Savvy Scouts already used social media to break all sales records in 2012; we have a feeling this app will boost their numbers to even greater heights.

It’s not all about the cookies, though; lest your sugar coma cause you to forget that Girl Scouts aren’t just peddlers of crave-able baked goods in colorful boxes, the organization also hopes to use this app to spread awareness of the youth group’s larger mission.

“We know that people love these tasty treats, but we really want them to realize that these girls learn some incredible skills,” said Girl Scout USA spokeswoman Michelle Tompkins. And Girl Scouts’ digital content strategist Tere Stouffer added, “We made sure that our app this year touches the five skills that girls learn…We have evidence that as the girls sell cookies, these are the skills that they learn, and what we consider critical life skills.”

Those “life skills” that the Scouts learn through selling cookies include goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

We hope that this app, with its dual focus on supporting your own neighborhood’s children and highlighting the Girl Scouts’ larger mission, succeeds in keeping the public’s focus on the community-centered aspects of what is really a $750 million business.

Oh, and did we mention…Samoas?! Good PR all around, if you ask us. A word of caution, though: If you’ve used your smartphone to take you on a cookie quest more than twice since you downloaded it last week, it may be time to put down the phone and seek help. Or a salad.