Need a Job? MySpace Might Be Able to Help

myspacejobs.gifIf you are in Australia or planning to move to the land down under, and you are looking for a job opportunity, why don’t you check out MySpace’s Australia’s job page. With around 68,000 million job advertisements in its portal, there’s a bigger chance that you would find the right job for you in Australia.MySpace launched the jobsite in cooperation with top employment website The employment website is hoping to generate more employers willing to advertise and at the same time tap potential jobhunters from MySpace’s membership base.

myspace_jobs.jpgAs a jobsite, MySpace’s Australia is a very useful tool that helps you find job openings by keyword searching. You can even narrow your search by state, by industries or by subcategories.

Aside from keyword search, the job site also highlights cool jobs and job opportunities from several companies. To help you further with searching for a job, job advertisement are further classified into fields of specialization which you can easily click on to see a list of job opportunities from a particular field.

And since it is hosted in MySpace, there has to be some kind of a social networking feature. Interact and socialize with your friends and meet new people through the site’s community forums.

If this is not enough feature, MySpace Australia’s job site also features valuable job seeking tips and tools such as cover letter templates, resume templates, pay rise calculator and industry salary survey.

Now, who says social networking sites are for socialization and meeting friends only? It can also be true to the other meaning of “social” as well, socially relevant I should say.