NearSay to Join Hyperlocal News Crowd in NYC

NearSay will throw its hat into the hyperlocal news site ring in New York later this week, launching with what it calls “a mix of curated neighborhood news (hand-picked by our editors) and prominent user contributions (from community members).”

The site’s leadership is made up of CEO David Pachter, who had been president and chief operating officer of and has also worked with Interactive Video Technologies, Progressive Resources, Disney and Warner Bros.; and head of products and marketing Trevor Sumner, previously vice president of marketing at Weplay and also having worked with Narrowstep and 724 Solutions.

NearSay also features a list of its 41 (at the time of this post) Most Influential N-Siders and claims a total of more than 80 contributors.

From the About NearSay page:

NearSay started with a question, “Where do I get my neighborhood news?” We asked our friends, neighbors and even strangers on the street and overwhelmingly they said the same thing: “I don’t.” How can we not know about that restaurant opening, that school redistricting or that event in our local park?

It’s not that there isn’t enough information, it’s that there’s too much! Too much noise! How do I get just the news that I care about?

Our mission starts with high-quality neighborhood news. We do more to make sure the stories we deliver are interesting to you.


• Let you personalize the news. You tell us what neighborhoods and topics you care about.

• Manage a veteran newsroom that covers the stories from your favorite publications, so there is less clutter in your inbox.

• Curate every story on the site for quality and feature just the best of NearSay.

Show you the influential local voices who tell the inside scoop of what’s happening.

• NearSay believes strongly that we are here to serve our local NYC voices and communities.

We connect people to local leaders and organizations so everyone is more informed and involved. That’s why we have councilmembers, nonprofits, neighborhood block associations and more all writing on NearSay.

Neighborhood community service is essential to the NearSay charter. If you have a community event, let us know. We have sent our NearSay Community Volunteer team to help the Washington Square Music Festival and thrown fundraisers for our parks. Email and let us know if we can help you!