Nearly half of smartphone consumers make digital purchases — Millennial Media

A comScore study commissioned by Millennial Media finds that outside of paid app downloads digital purchases of entrainment rank highest, with 47 percent of smartphone consumers having bought a movie, TV show, music or e-book.

Clothing or accessories came in at second place with 37 percent having made such a purchase (more about mobile apparel shopping here), while tickets for movies, concerts, theater or sporting events came in at third place with 35 percent.

When asked why they made the purchase using a mobile phone instead of online or in person, 63 percent of participants listed on-the-go convenience as their most important reason.

The study also found that the amount of entertainment content accessed on mobile devices increased by 82 percent from December 2010 to December 2011. Smartphone ownership during that time increased by 55 percent, meaning that not only are there new smartphone users accessing content, but a growing appetite for entertainment among existing users as well.

They study goes on to argue, citing specific mobile marketing campaigns, that entertainment companies need to promote their products on mobile devices to keep up with an audience that is increasingly spending more time consuming media on mobile devices.

The findings are naturally in line with Millennial Media’s interests and the services they provide, but we have heard similar reports from different sources. Most recently, Asian media streaming service provider Crunchyroll told us not only that they see tens of millions of accesses from mobile devices every month, but that the mobile sessions are two to three times longer.

You can read Millennial Media’s full study here.