Neal Pollack Answers His Attackers: I’ve Gotten Used to It


Neal Pollack can’t help stirring up controversy. His piece in Salon about his son’s circumcision gets the Salon faithful plenty distressed. For such a literate publication, they sure have some thuggish readers. You’d think he was writing about his daughter, instead.

We asked him how he’s dealt with all the abuse over the years, and he answered:

I’ve gotten used it.

What eloquence! How much agony is summed up in only 5 words! FBLA wonders how much abuse has been heaped upon this man, how much torture has he undergone to get him to this state of zen-like acceptance. And what lesson for the rest of use–this could be the start of a new movement. Get used to it.

If you meet the Pollack on the road, kill him.