’s Boss Button Disguised as In-Box

The NCAA knows a thing or two about their tournament and how avid fans and the happily employed stay abreast of the games during office hours.

As such, there’s the convenient boss button which was apparently spawned in 2006!

So, if you hear footsteps of your boss down the hall and want to look like you’re working instead of checking out how your brackets are doing, the nifty button takes you back to the main page of March Madness.

That is, on the first click. As for the second click yesterday, a faux e-mail from a CMA Officer (yes, that would be a Chief Madness Officer), appeared on the screen. It essentially outlined research and the back story in completing brackets.

Then if you clicked on the second item in this bizarre in-box, you got a directive from the CMO stating, “Remember, it’s not slacking if you don’t get caught!”

On Tuesday, the boss button message was a comic. We can only imagine what today’s creative daily message will be!

(For an evolution of the boss button throughout the years, be sure to check out a retrospective on BuzzFeed.)