NC Student Arrested For Facebook Posts About Principal

Police have arrested a 16-year-old from Fort Mill high school in North Carolina for threatening the principal via Facebook.

Police have arrested a 16-year-old from Fort Mill high school in North Carolina for making threats against the principal via Facebook.

According to the Fort Mill Times, the student had received a disciplinary action for a prior offense and afterward lodged a complaint about the proceeding in the form of a threatening message to Principal Dee Christopher on Facebook, dated March 3. It read (all of the student’s punctuation and spelling are left intact):

My goal is to attend your high school for one period. That would be physical conditioning. Haha, I don’t like the way you disrespected me when I told you that I’m gonna change the world. It’s my choice to let you live. That wasn’t a threat, it was a promise/statement. Take it how ever you’d like to. This is a peace treaty towards you sir. I’m a very smart person, beyond you high school reachings. Sorry to let you know that but you helped put myself back in line.

The school immediately suspended the student, and police arrested him for making the threat and creating a disturbance. Officials wouldn’t release his name because he is under 18 and will be charged as a juvenile.
We’ve yet to find an exact tally of Facebook threats written by students against other students, teachers and school administration officials across the country; but in the case of Fort Mill, school policy dictates that a student who communicate a threat to a staff member or teacher can face a range of disciplinary actions from suspension to expulsion.
What does your local school do about students who make threats via Facebook?