NBCU’s $200 Million Investment Takes Vox to $1 Billion

Old media and new media, sitting in a tree.

As expected now for almost two weeks, NBC Universal made its $200 million investment in Vox Media official yesterday. With NBCU’s contribution, the company, which owns Vox.com, Re/code, The Verge and SB Nation, among other properties, will now be worth about $1 billion dollars.

The old media/new media partnership has been largely portrayed as a cross-tutelage, with each side giving the other a piece of the media experience missing from its portfolio. Vox shows NBCU the ways of digital for the 18-34 market, while NBCU provides Vox a chance to expand its video efforts and an opportunity to appear on NBC platforms. And money.

Now we’re just waiting for NBC Universal’s investment in BuzzFeed to be made official.