Development Drop Out Costs NBCUniversal Nine Million*

CurbedLA started out the New Year by sharing a great reader tip. Someone pointed them to an SEC filing by Thomas Properties Group, which contained confirmation of a nine million dollar kill fee received by the developer from NBCUniversal.

Too bad Arrested Develpment ran on FOX, rather than NBC. Otherwise, the (still pretty good) headline chosen by CurbedLA would have been utterly perfect. From yesterday’s item:

On December 19, 2011, Thomas Properties Group, Inc. and NBC Universal Media LLC mutually agreed to terminate further work on the MetroStudios@Lankershim property that was planned for the Universal City area of Los Angeles. In light of NBCU’s changing requirements for office and post-production space, the planned MetroStudios@Lankershim project was not considered economically viable at this time.

Upon hearing this news, it’s hard for us not to think of Conan O’Brien and his short-lived stint with The Tonight Show. All that messy late night business reportedly helped pave the way for these now aborted plans to amalgamate at Universal City staff of NBCLA, NBC, KVEA-TV and Access Hollywood.

*Update – 01/04/12: In the aftermath of this cancelled deal, Daniel Miller of the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that NBCUniversal is planning a separate 150,000-square-foot broadcasting facility for Universal City, to be completed by 2013 in partnership with Gensler.

[H/T to our sister blog TV Spy]