NBC4’s Angie Goff and WJLA’s Alison Starling’s Youngest Celebrated at Sip & See

WJLA’s Rebecca Cooper and PR maven Jill Collins hosted a “Sip & See” at Carmine’s this past Saturday for WJLA anchor Alison Starling’s newest baby, Ava Starling, and NBC4 anchor Angie Goff’s baby, Robert (Bob) Ellis IV.

Guests included 30 TV women, anchors, and producers from all the local affiliates, plus Peter Alexander, NBC News White House Correspondent (and spouse of Alison Starling).

My first reaction upon being invited was “What on earth is a Sip & See?” Well, apparently, it’s a popular Southern tradition to introduce a little one to friends and colleagues while you sip on champagne. Given how much baby coverage I’ve been doing of late, if it weren’t hosted at Carmine’s, I’d likely have politely declined. But the promise of their famous meatballs -and the champagne of course – was too much to resist.

Here’s how it went down.

10:30am – Snoozughhhh, I have to go to that Sip & See! Seriously, how can I get out of this? Alas, as chief parenting reporter for FishbowlDC, I have duties.

1pm – Walk into Carmine’s, the legendary family style Italian resto hailing from New York, one hour late. #yolo

1:02 – Ohh wait…this was like a dressy affair, and I’m wearing flannel. #yolo

1:03 – Realization that other kids are here too. Should that have been expected? Again, anxiety setting in over the thought of having children. Where’s the champagne?

1:05 – Say hello to Angie Goff and meet Bob. Immediately ask where Bob’s sister Adora is. For those who don’t know, Adora is the star of #AdorasDay on Angie’s Instagram (@OhMyGoff), and in my eyes, a celebrity.

1:08 – Bump into Alison Starling. Awkwardly introduce myself as we’ve never met and I’m at her child’s Sip & See. Make sure she knows that I know Angie and not a younger version of Tareq Salahi.

1:11 – Objective for attending…Carmine’s meatballs. Seriously, the bomb. Contemplating asking for a to-go box. Is that rude?

1:13 – Formality begins. Alison’s husband, Peter Alexander, put on the spot and asked about the possibility of missing Ava’s birth because of having to cover President Obama’s historic Africa trip. He replies, “The consequences of not going on this historic trip with Alison were far greater.” Funny.

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1:30 – Revamp photog and documentor  of last year’s White House Correspondents Dinner Dan Swartz arrives. Form a club for the only two non-fathers in attendance.

1:40 – Notice that there’s a lot of pregnant women here. What’s proper protocol for addressing the obvious bump? “What’s new?” “So…pregnant!” “So…pregnant?” Instead, avoid bringing it up.

Alison and Ava Starling

1:51 – Realize Adora has an iPad. Seriously? I don’t even have an iPad. And, she’s not the only kid here with one. How did I survive childhood without one?

2:05 – Finish drink (switched to Diet Coke) and depart. Promise self that I’m never having kids. #yolo

Also in attendance: WJLA’s Lauren Stauffer, Sarah Shales and Jacqui Jeras; Fox 5’s Laura Evans; WUSA9’s Lesli Foster and Andrea Roane; NBC4’s Laura Chavez; Bloomberg TV’s Megan Hemmerlein; Jayne Sandman; Kelly Collis.