Teen Duo Cranks Out NBC4 Jingles

It sounds more like a first-story-back-from-break on one of NBC4’s TV newscasts. Two kids, running amok in a TV studio, armed with a ukelele.

But in fact, the pair–as reported recently by the station’s website–were given full permission to roam the NBC4 Burbank premises beginning last summer. Taylor Mackall (on the ukulele) is the son of a promotions employee, while Mackenzie Cregan is his tag-along pal. FishbowlLA’s favorite jingle so far is the very catchy one for anchor Robert Kovacik:

Pretty cool that these kids got to sit at the news desk. Other jingles have celebrated Colleen Williams and Chuck Henry (with, we hear, Fritz Coleman up next). Kovacik meanwhile has been helping the pair out by posting links to his Facebook and Twitter.

On February 25, Mackall and Cregan, who go by the stage name of “Mack and Mack,” will be performing at the Roxy as part of a special afternoon fundraiser.