NBC-WRC Wins DC Media Softball Championship, Shuster’s Really Proud

Shuster modestly shows off the MMSL championship trophy on MSNBC this afternoon.

David Shuster’s anchoring MSNBC now, but this weekend he was leading NBC’s softball team to a first place finish in the Metropolitan Media Softball League’s championship– for the second year in a row.

Shuster took the opportunity to show off the trophy on MSNBC this afternoon to the backdrop of Queen’s “We are the Champions.” His co-anchor Tamron Hall was quite amused- “You’re my personal Derek Jeter,” she joked. Domenico Montanaro also got a shout-out from NBC Deputy Political Director Mark Murray, whose liveshot followed Shuster’s trophy lovefest.

WaPo, CBS, Albritton, TWT, ABC, the Examiner, the Express, WTTG Fox, the AP, USA Today, AOL, the National Press Club, Gazette and the Discovery Channel all have teams in the league. The Peacocks beat USA Today 11-0 yesterday for the championship and according to the league’s website, are the fourth team to win back-to-back titles.

But it wasn’t all Shuster- check out the rest of the NBC-WRC team below.

And more kudos– ABC’s Eric Wray was also honored this season with the Dale Solly Award for Sportsmanship and Camaraderie.

Photo from the MMSL website.