NBC Wants A MySpace All It’s Own


NBC is supposed to be creating social networking communities for its major TV shows, according to Techcrunch, which linked to a cache file of a now-deleted post by Sab Kanaujia, vice president of digital innovation at NBC Digital Media. From the post:

NBCU is building a core social networking platform that will provide various tools and functionality on all our major properties to enable users to self-express and find, interact and share with other like-minded users. There is no reason why users should go to/create ‘The Office’ community on MySpace when NBCU has the competitive advantage and the ability to provide a differentiated experience on NBC.com.

FBLA wonders if he talks in corporate lingo as well. And as for those users who’ll come running to NBC–(a) MySpace is already up and running and if you have a zillion friends, you’re not likely to transfer them all to the “official” Office site and (b) people who want to build an Office tribute site don’t want corporate attorneys breathing down their cybernecks every time they post something.

The TechCrunch commentors say it all:

These old media companies still have the “top-down” mentality in an era where the “bottom-up” websites such as YouTube and MySpace are the kings, for the simple reason that the broadband-empowered populace do not want the suits to tell them how and where to worship celebrities manufactured by them.

Showtime’s The L Word just launched a social networking site, OurChart.com. Additionally, the BBC will launch social networks for shows like Top Gear and BBC Good Food.

FBLA recalls when all the networks had forums. Food Network shut theirs down, because mean posters were making fun of the shows and the talent.