NBC Picks Up Studio 60, Just in Time for Democrats to Rejoice


Ray Richmond is gloating about his Studio 60 scoop, as well he might:

Here’s that press release (and please, never doubt me again — or at least, not until another several hours have passed)

FBLA is so pleased for everyone concerned. Or nearly everyone.

FBLA hasn’t gotten as much hate mail as we used to get. But after we wrote about Richmond’s scoop, we did get this unsigned little hint:

without an official comment from a network or an official pickup, a showrunner revealing that the network has told them they’re “commited to a full run” is hardly newsworthy. Execs *always* tell show-runners they’re commited to a full run. It’s meaningless unless the back nine have actually been picked up, which as of now, is not the case w/ studio 60

Thanks, Miss Un-informed. We’ve got your IP address tucked away, just in case.