NBC News Seeks Social Media Intern Via Social Media

NBC News is accepting applications for its summer social media intern position through April 15. And it’s accepting applications via Twitter.

According to the ad for the position, the application should be 140 characters or less and they’re looking for someone who has blogging experience and is active on Facebook and Twitter. Responsibilities include proofreading posts and monitoring the social Web.

We asked how the organization could possibly glean a candidate’s qualifications through a tweet.

Ryan Osborn, director of social media, told us via email: “I like the idea because it encourages candidates to be creative. Understanding how to interact online is an increasingly important skill.”

So far, NBC News has gotten photos, YouTube videos, and links to all manner of materials including LinkedIn profiles and blogs. Taken together, the information forms a “resume” of sorts.

Now that most people have an online profile, we’re likely going to see much more of this sort of application process. For those who don’t have an online profile, to find a job, they’ll need one.