NBC News Scrubs Text on Assault Rifle

NBC originally claimed that the Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis stole an AR-15 rifle from a gun safe at the Naval Yard, but has since scrubbed that text from its story.

What the story says now: “The gunman was armed with an assault-style rifle, a shotgun and a handgun when he was killed, authorities said. But law enforcement officials told NBC News they believed he arrived packing only the shotgun, which he bought last week from a gun dealer in Lorton, Va., about 20 miles from Washington.”

The missing text: “The officials also said Alexis obtained the assault rifle used in the shooting from a gun safe on the naval base. There’s [sic] where he may have also obtained a handgun, according to authorities.”

“There’s where?” It rhymes, but really? See the story here.

See the old copy reflected in earlier Google searches.

Many outlets, including NBC, are now reporting that it is believed that no assault rifle was used in the shootings. Reports are still incredibly conflicted as to whether he had an assault rifle or whether one was found near his body.

The latest from NBCNews.com:

“Valerie Parlave, the assistant director in charge of the Washington FBI field office, said that agents did not believe Alexis used an AR-15 military-style assault rifle. Some law enforcement officials had said Monday that investigators believed he used such a weapon. Parlave said that the spree was conducted with a shotgun and perhaps a handgun.”

From CBSDC.com/AP:

“Valerie Parlave, head of the FBI’s field office in Washington, said Tuesday they don’t have any information that he had an AR-15 assault rifle in his possession. There has been conflicting information about the weapons Alexis used. Previously, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press the gunman had two handguns he took from officers.”

From CBS News:

“Investigators believe he carried out the attack with a shotgun, and apparently acquired one, possibly two, handguns during the incident. Law enforcement sources said Monday that an assault rifle was found at the scene, but authorities said Tuesday they did not believe Alexis used an assault rifle in the attack.”

From NBC Washington:

“When it was over, the suspected gunman lay dead amid an armload of weapons. Sources told News4 that surveillance footage showed that he began his attack with a shotgun, but was found with a 9mm pistol. Police confirmed that there was no AR-15 assault rifle used, as previously reported.”

From Mail Online:

“The man who took 12 lives in a hail of gunfire at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday entered the military base with a six-round shotgun before stealing a gun from a police officer, according to a long-time employee of the gun shop where the weapon was sold.” The story makes no mention of an assault rifle.