NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski Gets a POTUS Shout-out at the Pentagon Presser

Some recognition before Miklaszewski retires at the end of the year.

The subject of the President Obama‘s press conference today at the Pentagon was a serious one, about the U.S. approach to ISIS, Russia’s role in Syria, and Zika eradication efforts, but what else would you expect from a presser happening at the HQ of the Department of Defense?

It was the kind of subject matter NBC News chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski was accustomed to, having served in that role for 19 years. But at the presser, Miklaszewski, who retires from NBC News at the end of the year, received something he was not used to: a public shout-out from the president.

Before giving Miklaszewski the final question, Obama acknowledged Miklaszewski’s tenure on the Pentagon beat saying, “Jim Miklaszewski is retiring after 30 years at NBC. He’s done an outstanding job, mostly covering the Department of Defense. This may be my last press conference here, so I just wanted to thank Jim for the extraordinary career that he’s had and the great job that he’s done, and he gets the last question.”

As the cameras panned to Miklaszewski during POTUS’ remarks, you could see his lips curving into a tiny smile.

As for Miklaszewski’s question, it was about ISIS’ expanded presence. “Do you feel any personal disappointment that there hasn’t been more progress, and in any discussions you’ve had with the U.S. military and your intelligence agencies, have you come up with any new ideas on how to deal or defeat ISIS?” he asked.

You can watch the president’s answer below, beginning around the 1:45:00 minute mark.

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