NBC News Digital Begins a Redesign With Two New Verticals

It's Mach Better

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Within NBC News Digital’s rather dated home page are two new verticals, introduced today, that represent the beginnings of an ambitious visual and technical redesign of NBC News’ digital site.

Click on the section navigation to get to those specific verticals, Mach and Better, and you are greeted with brighter, more magazine-like graphics and an interface that differs from that on the main page or other sections.

If you haven’t already guessed, Mach is tech related and focuses on five areas: space, science, tech, environment and innovation. Better focuses on health, in the broad sense, with sections devoted to diet & fitness, careers, money, relationships and something it’s calling “A better way.”

A third vertical, called Think, will launch shortly.

Digital agency Code and Theory worked with the NBC News Digital team in tandem after a round of audience testing on the pair of verticals, which “originally launched as pop-up verticals to test audience and advertiser demand,” as Moritz Gimbel, VP of product & design at NBC News Digital, explains in a Medium post.

Those experimental verticals will eventually become the model for the rest of the site, which will add features like modular layouts and will remove autoplay on videos in a complete overhaul. Here’s Gimbel’s summary of his very detailed explanation of all the new features:

Over the next nine months, we will redesign and rebuild every product and pixel at NBC News Digital. Our new design system and component-based platform will allow us to develop and release new features faster and deploy them across any of our sites. It makes ad and analytics integration easier and more comparable. It helps keep application of best practices for SEO consistent and greatly simplifies troubleshooting overall.