NBC California Nonstop Launches Today

Today is launch day for NBC California Nonstop, a 24-hour news station that will air original reporting and repurposed news stories from three NBC stations — KNBC Los Angeles, KNTV San Francisco, and KNSD San Diego.

Among the new news programming will be Nonstop News LA, NBC Bay Area News at 7PM, and NBC San Diego News at 7PM. There’s also a long list of other new programming available here.

Yesterday, we reported on a Free Press analysis of local coverage on NBC and Telemundo stations. The report said that local news is lacking, and programming must be added to meet conditions set during the NBC-Comcast merger. With more than 1,000 hours to fill, sounds like lots of airtime for lots of stories. Happy pitching!

[h/t Fishbowl LA]